Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Update

Time flies when you're having fun and November is certainly flying by! 

We've been up to great things in the Upper SRC. 


Last week we made Wobble Gobble Cookies! It was a great time had by all. We followed a visual recipe to make our fantastic creations! 


Thanks to the wonderful website our classroom has a wagon! It is tradition at Sexton Mountain for the general education classes to roll their wagons full of lunch boxes to the cafeteria. Now the Upper SRC can partake in this fun tradition! We are practicing walking slowly with the wagon and navigating sharp turns!  

Pepsi Refresh Grant 

Our fabulous speech pathologist, Jessi Lynch, wrote a grant proposal for the Pepsi Refresh Project! If we win, we could get a SMART board! How do we win? Simply by voting! Every day!

Here’s how:

2.   Click on the "Vote for this idea" button, and create an account through Pepsi, or you can login through Facebook.

3.    Now just remember to go back every day to vote for us!! 

The grant is through the Pepsi Refresh Project and we need your votes to be in the top 20 in order to get funded.  Every person gets to vote every day for 5 different projects.  Please make sure ours is one of them!!  The voting only lasts for the month of November, so please start now and keep going through Thanksgiving.  These SMART boards are amazing and will make an incredible difference!  And all it will take is a minute of your time every day! 
We're currently in 15th place!!! Let's keep up the voting through the end of November! Thank you all for your votes! 
It will be upon us before we know it! In class we have been talking a lot about our favorite Thanksgiving food. Macaroni and cheese is the clear winner! We have also been discussing what we are thankful for. The answers from the students are incredible. We've had responses range from, "Mac and cheese" all the way to "Grandma." Sometimes we just sit back and let their responses sink in. It brings tears to our eyes. :) 
Happy November! It will be Winter Break before we know it! 

Miss Amanda