Friday, September 19, 2014


This week our principal shared an easy new way for teachers to send information to all parents at one time.

It's called Remind.

If you would like, you can sign up to receive quick reminder messages from me on your phone.

Instructions on how to sign up can be found at this link:
Sign up for Remind!

Once set up, I will use remind to communicate about emergent information that is important to the whole class like snow days, field trip reminders and special activities. This is totally optional, but just one more way to communicate! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sexton Mountain Homework Policy

Sexton Mountain Homework Expectations
The objectives of homework are to:
  • Supplement and support classroom experiences
  • Reinforce learning through practice, integration and application
  • Develop initiative, responsibility and self-direction through independent effort
  • Foster family’s awareness of their child’s learning activities
Parent Requests for Homework:
Illness or Emergency
When children are absent because of illness or family emergency, teachers will provide work that is possible to be done at home.  While the time spent at school with instruction and interactive activities cannot be replicated, reasonable assignments can be made up.  These types of items will be collected and given to your child upon his or her return.
Vacations or Trips
When parents choose to take their children out of school for extended periods, they assume all responsibility for their child’s education during the child’s absence.  The majority of students’ learning occurs as the result of the teacher’s instruction and learning activities that occur in the classroom.
Extra Work
When parents request additional homework, there is not an expectation to fulfill that request.  The teacher’s obligation is to provide routine homework that matches the guidelines of this document.  Visit student source for a variety of extensions:
Visit these sites for creative projects:

Structured Routines Center

Teachers and specialists also recommend integration of structured play/game time at home as well as simple chores. These skills will help reinforce independence in functional routines, social skills, communication across settings and fine motor skills. ​
Teachers will provide a maximum of 10 pages of homework per week. Work provided will be for practice of mastered skills to help with generalization across settings. Teachers will not provide work at an instructional level. Parents are welcome to consult the homework resources on Sexton Mountain's homework resources page if they would like additional materials.
60 total minutes of physical activity per day!
Speaking and Listening
Practice the art of conversation during a family meal.  If you need conversation topic ideas, visit

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SRC Curriculum Overview

Upper SRC Curriculum Overview

The SRC Program (Structured Routine Center) is a social communication intensive program that utilizes research based methodology and curriculum to provide foundational education services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other communication related disorders.

Specific Curriculum used in the SRC program:

    • Sight-word reading program
  • Read Well
    • Phonics based reading program
  • Touch Math
    • Visual/tactile math program
  • Yogarilla
    • Motor program used to improve fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, attention, communication, and cognition.

Daily Activities:

  • Circle Time: There are three circle times throughout the school day. Morning circle, Calendar circle, and Song circle. During each circle time students engage in turn taking, asking questions, responding to questions, greetings, making choices, attending, and social activities.
  • Jobs: Each student has a job during circle time. Jobs include Who's Here Today Helper, Greeter, Lunch Helper, Weather Helper, Counter, Flag Leader, and Line Leader. Students also help with emptying trash cans and cleaning the classroom at the end of each day.
  • Academics: Each day students have a 20 minute Math table time, a 20 minute Reading table time, and a 20 minute Writing table time. Within these tables times, Reading, Math, and Writing curricula are used. There are 2 to 3 students in each group during a table time. Each student's specific IEP goals regarding Math, Reading, and Written Language are addressed within these times.   
  • Social Studies: The forth 20 minute table time is Social Studies. In this table time students work on following directions, fine motor skills, generalized academic tasks, as well as creative thinking and reasoning.
  • Life Skills: The fifth table time is Life Skills. In this area students are completing functional tasks and routines that one would encounter in daily life. For example, we have been working on sorting and folding clothes. A routine that could be put to good use at home!
  • Free Choice: At this time students have the opportunity to practice turn taking, being polite, sharing and spontaneous speech. While staff help facilitate appropriate play and communication, student's social and behavioral IEP goals are focused on during this unstructured time.
  • Sensory Room: We have a fantastic sensory room right next door! We share this space with the Primary SRC. The sensory room includes a swing, water and sand table, bean bag chairs, etc. 
  • Snack: Snack gives students an opportunity to request items, describe what they taste like, and hopefully increase tolerance towards new foods.
  • Speech/OT/APE: Students receive services from these related service providers to meet the needs detailed in their IEPs. These specialists also observe other daily sessions, consult with staff, and participate in classroom activities.
  • Music/Library/Technology:  Students spend 20 minutes in each activity at least once a week. We sing songs and play instruments in Music, listen a read aloud and check out books in Library, and learn computer skills in Technology! 

September is Super!

Welcome to Miss Amanda's blog! 

You will be able to find information about the classroom, monthly updates, and an SRC wishlist! 

Checking out my blog is a great way to stay updated on what is going on in our classroom! 

This month our theme is All About Me! We have been busy talking about our appearance (hair, eye color, etc.), personal preferences and interests! Our monthly theme work/art will be featured on the SRC bulletin board (across from the Library). 

Please check out the SRC syllabus (on the right hand side of the screen) for more information about our monthly themes, field trips, and parental responsibility.  

We're all looking forward to a great 2014-2015 school year!