Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sexton Mountain Homework Policy

Sexton Mountain Homework Expectations
The objectives of homework are to:
  • Supplement and support classroom experiences
  • Reinforce learning through practice, integration and application
  • Develop initiative, responsibility and self-direction through independent effort
  • Foster family’s awareness of their child’s learning activities
Parent Requests for Homework:
Illness or Emergency
When children are absent because of illness or family emergency, teachers will provide work that is possible to be done at home.  While the time spent at school with instruction and interactive activities cannot be replicated, reasonable assignments can be made up.  These types of items will be collected and given to your child upon his or her return.
Vacations or Trips
When parents choose to take their children out of school for extended periods, they assume all responsibility for their child’s education during the child’s absence.  The majority of students’ learning occurs as the result of the teacher’s instruction and learning activities that occur in the classroom.
Extra Work
When parents request additional homework, there is not an expectation to fulfill that request.  The teacher’s obligation is to provide routine homework that matches the guidelines of this document.  Visit student source for a variety of extensions:
Visit these sites for creative projects:

Structured Routines Center

Teachers and specialists also recommend integration of structured play/game time at home as well as simple chores. These skills will help reinforce independence in functional routines, social skills, communication across settings and fine motor skills. ​
Teachers will provide a maximum of 10 pages of homework per week. Work provided will be for practice of mastered skills to help with generalization across settings. Teachers will not provide work at an instructional level. Parents are welcome to consult the homework resources on Sexton Mountain's homework resources page if they would like additional materials.
60 total minutes of physical activity per day!
Speaking and Listening
Practice the art of conversation during a family meal.  If you need conversation topic ideas, visit

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