Friday, February 27, 2015

We Are All Drummers!

Today in Music, Mr. Davis introduced us to the amazing drum set! Each of us got a turn playing and it was super fun (and a bit loud)!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sexton Mountain Auction

This year this each class made an art project for the Sexton Mountain auction. Both the Primary and Upper SRCs created beautiful gift card sets! If you would like to bid on these items, please follow the link below! This is a fundraiser for the school, so the money donated with benefit all Sexton students!

SRC Gift Card Sets

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Field Trip Aquarium Style!

Thanks to DonorsChoose funding, we were able to take a school bus to the Portland Aquarium!

We were able to feed with fish seaweed!

The touch tanks were so fun to put out hands in!

Looks at all the fish!

The water felt so cold!

Feeling krill to the fish!

The fish were so close!

The tanks were so beautiful to look at!

We were able to stand and look INTO the tanks! So cool!

Miss Amanda's class inside an enormous shark's jaw!

All wet! A reminder of the fun we had!

Shark jaw photo op!

Observing the marine life.

Two finger touch!

Thanks again to DonorsChoose for funding this amazing field trip! We had a blast and learned so much about oceans, fish, and marine life!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Autism Awareness, Buddy Classes, and One School One Theme

There are many exciting things happening at Sexton Mountain in the upcoming months!

Miss Ashlee summarized it perfectly on her blog.

Check it out here!

February Cooking!

Today we made Snowy Igloos in cooking! It was so much fun to follow directions, wait for the next ingredient, and then eat our creations! Yum!

February Conferences

February 19th and 20th are no school days here at Sexton Mountain. Instead we have school conferences. Typically in the SRC classrooms we choose not to have these 15 minute conferences, since we will be meeting shortly after for our more complete IEP meetings (and a few of you have already had IEP meetings). However, if you would like to have a conference, I am happy to schedule one. If you would like a February conference, please let me know. Either way, there will be no school for students on Thursday the 19th or Friday the 20th.