Thursday, February 19, 2015

Field Trip Aquarium Style!

Thanks to DonorsChoose funding, we were able to take a school bus to the Portland Aquarium!

We were able to feed with fish seaweed!

The touch tanks were so fun to put out hands in!

Looks at all the fish!

The water felt so cold!

Feeling krill to the fish!

The fish were so close!

The tanks were so beautiful to look at!

We were able to stand and look INTO the tanks! So cool!

Miss Amanda's class inside an enormous shark's jaw!

All wet! A reminder of the fun we had!

Shark jaw photo op!

Observing the marine life.

Two finger touch!

Thanks again to DonorsChoose for funding this amazing field trip! We had a blast and learned so much about oceans, fish, and marine life!

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