Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015-2016 School Year

Welcome to another great school year in the Upper SRC! We are looking forward to lots of fun and learning this year!

Miss Ashlee and myself get together each year and create a syllabus for our classrooms. Within the syllabus you will see the month, a thematic unit, topics of study, a special activity, and any parental responsibilities for that month. Hopefully this will help families plan for the school year!

Sexton Mountain Elementary
Structured Routine Center
Miss Amanda and Mrs. Ashlee’s classes
2015-2016 Syllabus
Thematic Unit: All about me
Topics of Study: practice of mastered personal information, describing self-using attributes (i.e. hair color, eye color, weight, height), indicating preferences and interests
Special activity: presentation about self to peers in both classes
Parental Responsibility: send school supplies from supply list and snack funds
Thematic Unit: Gardening
Topics of Study: growing plants, types of plants, farming
Special activity: Pumpkin Patch field trip
Parental Responsibility: admission for pumpkin patch, permission slip, disposable sack lunch
Thematic Unit: Cooking
Topics of Study: the processes of prepping and cooking food, measurement and temperature, basic nutrition
Special activity: Thanksgiving lunch prepared by students for each other
Parental Responsibility: Each family will be asked to donate one food item (i.e. one can of food)
Thematic Unit: Giving
Topics of Study: In December, we will “adopt-a-family” and create a gift basket with presents and cards for a family in need.
Special activity: Shopping Field Trip to the Dollar Tree for gift basket
Parental Responsibility: Payment for tri-met bus ticket, and 1-2 dollars for student to use at the Dollar Tree, permission slip, disposable cold lunch
Thematic Unit: Snow
Topics of Study: How to dress for snow/cold weather, science experiments (popsicle freezing, predictions, etc.), winter crafts and songs
Special activity: If it does snow, having a hands-on experience in the winter wonderful.
Parental Responsibility: None
Thematic Unit: Environment
Topics of Study: understanding ecosystems, environments and learning about ways to create a sustainable environment
Special activity: Field trip to the Portland Aquarium
Parental Responsibility: Payment for Aquarium admission, permission slip, disposable cold lunch
Thematic Unit: Movement
Topics of Study:  learning about balance, coordination, strength and endurance
Special activity: Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action Field trip to the Portland Children’s Museum
Parental Responsibility: Payment for tri-met bus/max ticket and Museum admission, permission slip, disposable cold lunch
Thematic Unit: Fitness
Topics of Study: leaning about healthy activities, yoga and stretching
Special Activity: Gymnastics field trip at Spectra Gymnastics
Parental Responsibility: Payment for tri-met bus/max ticket and Spectra admission, permission slip, disposable cold lunch
Thematic Unit: School Spirit
Topics of Study: At the track meet every year there is a school spirit celebration. We don’t know the theme yet, but in the spring we will start preparing for our exciting trip!
Special activity: Beaverton School District Track and Field Invitational
Parental Responsibility: spirit apparel item, permission slip, disposable cold lunch
Thematic Unit: Camping
Topics of Study: camp themed review of the year with Camp-Learned-a-Lot with the rest of the students at Sexton Mountain
Special activity: “hiking” through the THPRD parks within 1 mile of Sexton Mountain Elementary
Parental Responsibility: permission slip

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