Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Recap!

November Theme: 

Food Groups 

This month we discussed healthy food! We talked a lot about which foods are healthy (fruits, veggies, protein, dairy, grains, etc)  vs. food that is not healthy (candy, fast food, etc). It seemed to be a concept that our students understood almost instantly! We created visual lunch trays on that Smartboard that we filled with healthy food options! We also discussed how it is ok to have unhealthy food (such as candy and french fries) sometimes, just not too often! 

Our class works with Miss Ashlee's class to put together a bulletin board by the Library every month focusing on our theme. This is our bulletin board this month!

Thanksgiving Lunch

This month Miss Ashlee and I decided to hold an SRC Thanksgiving lunch! We asked each family to supply one food item often consumed on Thanksgiving (peas, corn, green beans, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc). On the Tuesday before break we cooked our food, set the place settings, plated and served, and then ATE our Thanksgiving lunch! It was quite a success!

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