Sunday, March 30, 2014

December Recap

We had a wonderful December in Miss Amanda's class! Here are some highlights:

Evergreen Delights

Every month Miss Cheryl creates amazing cooking opportunities for students in the Upper SRC. This month we cooked Evergreen Delights. Students are involved in each step of the cooking process. 

Holiday Decorations 

The holiday season can be an overwhelming time of the year for students on the autism spectrum. Here in the SRC we prepare students for the different scenarios they might encounter at home and out in the community. 

Dollar Tree Field Trip

Together with Miss Ashlee's class, we rode the city Trimet bus to the Dollar Tree! We were able to pick out two gifts. Everyone did a fantastic job! 

Giving Gifts 

This holiday season, the students in the Upper SRC made gifts for students in Miss Ashlee's class. We made the gifts, wrapped them, then practiced exchanging presents! 

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