Sunday, March 30, 2014

February Recap

We had a very full February in Miss Amanda's class! There was so much to pack into this short month! Here are the highlights:

Pizza Making 

Miss Cheryl generously allowed us to make our own personal pizzas! They were delicious! 

SRC Olympics 

Our February sports unit also aligned well with the 2014 Winter Olympics! Together with Miss Ashlee's class, we participated in three events: luge, ice skating, and ice hockey (modified a bit). It was a fantastic day! Once we participated in all three events, we won medals and were able to stand on our podium for a victory photograph! 


Ice Skating 

Ice Hockey 

Our Podium 

OGA Field Trip

This month we went to the Oregon Gymnastics Academy. Along with Miss Ashlee's class, we learned about how exercise keeps us healthy and how to be a good sport. A big thanks to OGA for putting together a structured and fun gymnastics experience! 

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